We’ve seen a new trend emerging: the kitchen is quickly becoming the new family room. Indeed, we are seeing new trends emerge that are transforming the kitchen into a gathering place where friends and family love to spend time together. And more time in the kitchen means more focus on its style. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the new style trends that are taking kitchens by storm.

Metallic Accents: Brass Is Back

Often associated with classic styles from a different time, brass is quickly making a modern comeback. We’re seeing it used in both new and traditional styles to adorn faucets and handles. It’s also popping back up as handles, knobs and even containers. Bold stylists are also using it to adorn their entire back splash. It offers a touch of rustic while remaining compatible with a variety of styles and compliments a variety of colors. You can also expect to see it make a comeback in the bathroom.

Flooring: Authentic Wood Look Without The Hassle

We’ve seen hardwood make a huge comeback in flooring. And it certainly makes aesthetic sense in the kitchen, given existing wood elements (cabinets, counter tops and so on). However, it’s not as practical as a material. This is where vinyl comes in. In recent years, innovations in vinyl flooring have designed it to perfectly replicate the look and feel of authentic hardwood with much greater ease of maintenance. It can also be used to match a variety of styles often associated with wood, including distressed, rustic and even hand chiseled. Even better, vinyl is also more water resistant thanks to WaterProof Core (WPC) making waves in the industry. Needless to say, it’s easy to see why wood-look vinyl is making a splash in the kitchen.

Imperfect Distinction

Even as technology makes stylish wares more accessible and affordable, society, in general, still seems to experience a longing for something unique, minimalist and even personalized – hence the growing popularity of handcrafted goods. Kitchens are no exception, where the dishes and even utensils crafted by the care of a skilled artisan are making a significant comeback. The aesthetics of such trinkets also tend to invoke a sense of calm, perfect for both meal time and family time. The trend is also growing among kitchen decor items.

Seamless Counters

Sinks and counter tops are becoming one in another emerging trend. Using the same (or identical) material for both builds on both the modern and minimalist styles that are gaining popularity. It also makes surfaces much easier to clean and maintain.

Ready To Update Your Kitchen?

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